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Three Ways to Become a Member of the Church:




ITS MEANING AND PURPOSE: When you walked up the aisle, stood before the altar and made your vow to God in the presence of the congregation, you took the most solemn obligation of your life. By joining the church, you became a part of the body of Christ.

CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP: “There is only one condition previously required of these societies. A desire to flee from wrath and to be saved from their sins. But wherever this is really fixed in the soul, it will be shown by its fruits.” (A.M.E. Zion Discipline).

STEPS TO BE TAKEN: In order to provide each new member to Methodism an opportunity to make certain of his/her decision to join our denomination, let us make an effort to train him/ her in our doctrine. Let great care be taken in receiving persons on probation and let no one be so received as enrolled who does not give satisfactory evidence of his/her desire to “flee the wrath to come and to be saved from his/her sins.” Probation should last no longer than six (6) months.

ADMISSION INTO FULL CONNECTION: A probationer may be admitted into full membership providing he/she has served out his/her probation, has been baptized, completed the New Members Class, and on examination by the Pastor before the church as required by the Discipline, given satisfactory assurance both of the correctness of his/her faith and of his/her willingness to observe and keep the rules of the church. A member in good standing in any other Methodist church, desiring to unite with us, may be received on his/her certificate of membership, and by giving satisfactory answers to the usual questions laid down in our formula for the reception of members and completion of new members orientation.

LETTER OF TRANSFER: A good Christian will want to belong to a church in the city where he/she lives. Therefore, we advise each person who moves into the city to secure from the Pastor of the former church, a letter of transfer. On presentation of this letter, one who transfers from another A.M.E. Zion Church will be accepted in full connection of our church.

SPIRITUAL DUTIES: Each member is expected to engage in both public and private worship. We recommend the use of devotional material published by the A.M.E. Zion Church, and other Methodist denominations as aids in private worship. We strongly encourage family worship at least once per week. A good member will seek to attend public worship each Sunday. Whenever possible, he/she will attend mid-week bible study, and other church activities. He/she will lose no opportunity to cultivate his/her spiritual life.